Public/Private Interventions

February 21, 2007

Raving random notes to self at 3.30am – Wednesday 21st February … best to write it down before it is lost in the mind sea of dawn.

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The blog gives a perceived form of power to the author, the chance to be the centre of ones own world, a self-imposed expert, self gratifying and edifying

The witness of personal pain and struggle, of triumph – puts author in a realm that allows the most humble to share spontaneous or planned private acts of creativity on a public scale/platform. From unknown corners of the earth – everyone with internet access is put on a level playing field.

Message in a bottle.

Blog – freedom of speech and beliefs within boundaries. Carefully worded and framed to be legal.

Therapy, talking/writing cure, healer, self-incriminator. Saviour, accuser.

I am alive. I am artist. I am poet. I am my own expert. See me type. I post, therefore I exist. (self-publish)

My mouth may never utter the words of my mind, but yet the whole world knows I am here.

Web is receptive, the sea, feminine, powerful, the communicator; The void, the unknown, the dark continent, multiplicity .. and metaphor of the mind and how it works. The universe, mother earth.

The post is the masculine form, penetrative, asserting itself.

Evidence to suggest that bloggers accounts of real events are believed over media reports of the same events.

Intertextuality – linking in with real events that anchor it to reality.

Philosophical – to witness ‘I’ in a virtual third space. It is me, and yet it is not, it could be someone else, it blends with other, yet it is ‘I’. A space that doesn’t truly exist in the flesh.

Can be recalled upon like memory, the moment of post can be forgotten in the flesh but still exists in cyberspace, later recalled. Yet unlike a memory in ones mind, it can be accessed by the public.

The third space. Quiet moments in the far corners of the mind. Moments between human interaction of contemplation and planning. Fabrication and wishful thinking. Remembered, that which has happened, about to happen and that we wish to happen. The horrific reality of what presents the senses in real time. The domestic daily grind given a voice. All a performance of the mind in text and image and perceived likewise in the viewer/audience.

My blog – visually devoid of the human body. A world reflecting the metaphorical interaction between self and object. Reality of existence between the minds eye and my own. A third space that exists somewhere between motivation and action. The internal monitor and interpreter of the everyday, the mundane and exceptionally unexceptional.

Exploring/investigating differing shades of pathos and humour found or observed in the repetitive mundane tasks, routines and rituals of everyday life. Hidden within these spans of time can be found startling moments of poetic individuation, and an imprint of the individual within the commonplace rituals of society. My objective is to document and validate singular ‘marked’ and ‘unmarked’ moments of my life.



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