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February 2, 2007

Primary research – things I’ve discovered about blogging your research

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As usual – this is an ongoing post – note to self, see number 2.

1. When putting in links to posts

Always, and I mean always … put links in on your post at the time you post it. As you add more posts, you just won’t get back to it as good as your intentions may be. Steady and methodical like the … what ever animal it’s supposed to be, wins the race eventually.

2. Keep lists on the wall of categories and ongoing posts

If you mean to get back to posts that you want to add to as more information comes up … keep a running list on the wall in front of the computer, so you can always be tuned into what it is you are looking for at any given time and what you should be adding to .. this way it stays (almost) fresh in your mind.It helps for me to use handwritten diagrams or mindmaps about this as I am visual – but I endeavour to try out Startree software.

3. Contextual stuff

Have a post or category that lists your favourite blogs for contextual reasons and why.

Have a post or blog for contextual references and critique them at the same time … write it up in word first and then post it all at the same time. Slow down and be methodical about it … something I’ve always had trouble with. It is too easy to post a million and one references without backing itup and you will never get back to it.

4. To up the chances of the blog being picked up by search engines and other people on blogs

Always take the opportunity to fill out any tag you can in a link – especially for images. The more bizarre in relation to the context the better, it will get noticed. But the cardinal rule is not to make it offensive or sexual in any way as the search engine filters could ignore it. Just don’t make them too long or they can’t be read on a mouse over if you intend it to be really useful information .. save that for the post instead.

The most informative and interesting information should be kept near the top. This ups the chance of it being picked up by search engines – I think I read somewhere that their crawlers only read into so many words within the post or article/website.

Find the top blogs or posts of your site dashboard and always read what is going on. Leave a comment (well thought out, not too offensive and concise) and other bloggers always come over and have a look at your site if they are interested in what you have to say. Remember too, this is what spammers with advertising and porn do to get the sites looked at … Akismet usually picks them up but also other posts with links to elsewhere in them. It also means that your well-meaning post could get sent to spam. So, the name title with its link function enabled is enough to get people to visit without links to sites. The hits on my site have gone crazy since doing this. Reading what others have to say also helps my own research and ideas.

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