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February 1, 2007

Equality – how far have we really come?

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Page 20 Critique – Ruminator’s Digest

Just when you think times may have changed for women and equality


Date: 01/02/07

Factual description of work: Infomercial type advertisement, with appropriated cartoons on weight-loss, soap and slavery

What prompted this work: Despite women and quality making changes, we are still obsessed with keeping weight down to find the ideal partner, how to have the perfect complexion and are still slaves to our image and hormones for finding the perfect partner.

Contextual link:

Conceptual link:

Monologue: Doesn’t require one



Reasons for doing what I did: I was attracted to the old-fashioned adverts and their blatant sexist language. Every claim is unfounded, and if advertising techniques were used today such as this, there would be many claims under the false advertising acts.

How well did I do it?

How valuable was it?

What did I learn?

How did I feel about it?

What sources’ of information did I find in relation?

How valuable were they?

Why did I make a certain decision? I used an art deco font, so that even though time wise it is more current than the date of the images being conceived, it is still outdated – except maybe for the Jad Salts.

0800 LIPSERVICE is establishing and adding to a type of brand throughout the digest, of useless and meaningless entrepreneurial endeavours that lose focus and meaning much like a dream. Appropriating images from the web is part of the idea of how the brain links into memory and recalls images or words etc and uses it in a current situation.

What was the most difficult thing? Finding the images to fit the original concept I had.

What would I have done differently? Would exclude the advert about the slavery and Negro Boy for sale as it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the context.


List pro’s and cons of strengths and weaknesses: Finding multiple meanings for what seems like a simple concept (over-determination) – and I use this as strength and a weakness. Sometimes I don’t know when to stop. J

What does it all mean? It adds to another link in the brain of how our thoughts effect us consciously and subconsciously throughout life, and help us to make meaning of being in the world.

Identify new key questions?


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