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January 30, 2007

When the local public get outraged over faeces in the art gallery

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Letter to the Editor – 11-01-07 The Leader

(…. and just so the search engines can pick up the words, I’ve typed them below the image.)
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Bad Taste

Dear Editor,

You most likely will not publish this but I felt your article on the front page of the Leader of December 21 (Lavatorial Art Display) was in very bad taste and I feel as a mature person you should know better.

I ask you, if this is the best Paula Cunniffe can produce after four years at polytech she should ask for her fees back and then she tells us she took pictures of poo. It makes me wonder what they are teaching on the course she took.

Also, I think you editorial skills leave much to be desired. It wouldn’t have been so bad if you had given the front page to the reason for the season, it’s Christmas. That should take front page and this garbage should have been tucked away somewhere.

George Barker, Nelson

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