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January 30, 2007

We hate poose in the art gallery! 2nd Letter to the Editor – The Leader 25-01-07

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Letter to the editor – The Leader 25-01-07


Dear sir, I was surprised to see you printed George Barker’s bad taste letter.

I, too, was offended to read Paula Cunniffe photographed human excreta. To me this stinks; and it stinks of fetishism, which is a perversion. A four year arts course cost the taxpayer a lot of money.

I wonder how many old people died on the waiting lists to pay for that. And I was amazed to see that Dennis Makley was allowed to say he received his healing from God.

But I was annoyed when later I read your film reviewer having his usual shot at Bush and Blair. As Lenin once said you tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

I see Bush has 70 percent against him in one paper and 61 per cent in another. When I was in Portland, Oregon on 9/11 he had all the Americans and all the British. Except, maybe for those harboured the terrorists and bought their tickets on the planes. There were eight million Muslim refugees in America at the time that had been allowed in by Clinton. And, of course, none of them like Bush. Nor do the millions from Mexico or the black Americans generally.

The war costs money. The question is, is this war going to help the children of Iraq or are they to spend another generation in slavery under tyranny which will happen if Bush is forced out?

Laurie Neilson, Nelson.
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