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January 26, 2007

Bathroom window sill and sink – 25-01-07 – image critique

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Click to see a larger image – left and right
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Date: 30-01-07
Where: The bathroom windowsill and sink
Method: Photographs
Factual description: Images of everyday stuff that collects in these places, in this case a facecloth, cracked cake of Knights Castille soap and an empty hair colour bottle. On the windowsill – a bottle of Alpha Keri bath oil, some budget mouth wash hardly used as it tastes too foul and a travel pack of Janola wipes.
What prompted photograph: Suddenly realising the link between the daily grind, and objects used and put down without being cleaned up or put away.

Contextual link:
Conceptual link:
Possible monologue pairing: To be written
Methodology: Finding the meaning in random and useless domestic images that prompt thought or feelings concerning being

How well did I do it? I didn’t have to do anything – I just saw the opportunity and took the photo. Again I like the composition and especially the lighting for the windowsill image.
How valuable was it? Linking meaning through the ritual acts and thoughts that accompany the domestic
What did I learn? Even the most boring subject matter can look great depending on how you treat it with lighting and choosing the right composition in the camera window.

Conceptual feelings? For the left image, I was initially interested in the triangle corner, the three objects and the reflection and a kind of vanitas image of sorts. But then I noticed the rung out cloth, the old and cracked soap and the attempt of changing ones appearance and felt that it referred to the never-ending aging process – well, that still sits with vanitas. The second image is another that originally referred to looking to the outside from within, and even though it doesn’t give a clear image of what is outside, the diluted light is quite calming. It made me think of ignorance is bliss. If you are none the wiser to what is happening elsewhere, it doesn’t affect you as much.

What sources’ of information did I find in relation? To come.

How valuable were they? Still to find out.
Why did I make a certain decision? I shot and cropped for composition only. I knew that the second image would be dark of sorts but anticipated the final outcome as it happened.

What would I have done differently? I’ve thought about enhancing colours and would like to trial it, but then I don’t want the whole thing to look contrived. I tried closer up images but they would not focus.

List pro’s and cons of strengths and weaknesses: Still didn’t use a tripod, probably because the light was adequate and eliminated camera shake. I think these images may be stronger once I have written a monologue for them.

What does it all mean?
Identify new key questions? Are objects in images a metaphor for the body and its usefulness in relation to the domestic? Look specifically at contemporary contextual references to the domestic

New things to try? Extreme close-ups’ to blow content out of proportion and think more about composition in relation to this


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