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January 25, 2007

Looking out from within – critique of images

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Where: Looking out of the kitchen and toilet windows
Method: Photographs
Factual description: Images of from inside the house, looking out of the dirty kitchen window and across the street, and onto the neighbours roof where children have thrown a frisbee
What prompted photograph: I took these with the intention of looking out while working away inside to give a sense of imprisonment. It’s a beautiful day yet here I was inside doing housework. As I looked up from cleaning the toilet I spotted the neighbours roof with a frisbee thrown on it. The window was this bright light in amongst the darkness of the home and looking out onto the real world, or so it seemed. The louvre windows, useless for protection against intruders all filthy with dust and in the kitchen, covered in grease from cooking. I look out this window several times a day as I am preparing food or cleaning up. There are cobwebs also where the odd fly or moth becomes trapped, a final resting place with a fine view. I see the neighbours home across the street. A double income family. I see their housekeeper drive up every other day while they are at work.

Contextual link:
Conceptual link:

Possible monologue pairing: To be written
Methodology: Finding the meaning in random and useless domestic images that prompt thought or feelings concerning being

How well did I do it? I was really happy with the composition of the toilet window. The other one needs tweaking more off centre with the window post
How valuable was it? It portrayed a good sense of imprisonment in both
What did I learn? Technically: Bright light outside makes the interior really dark and unless it’s not what I intended then I need to use the backlight function on the camera. Associations: Social comment concerning status, class, money etc.  Is the person behind the window not cleaning them because they are lazy or time poor? What does it say about them? Visual clues as opposed to text such as finding clues in the supermarket docket because of the motivation for purchases? How did I feel about it? I felt that was an image that caused much ‘de ja vu’ for me – especially the kitchen and the endless hours both day and night that I have spent there. The toilet window shot is not identifiable as such and could be any window in the house. Because I am the person behind the window, I felt a bit exposed.
What sources’ of information did I find in relation? Glossary terms and explanations regarding domestic work
How valuable were they? Gave me more ideas to work on in regards to creating atmosphere out of seemingly mundane pictures. Also a good prompt for writing a monologue
Why did I make a certain decision? Inside looking out? A deliberate attempt to create a sense of imprisonment
What was the most difficult thing? Sun glare off the window
What would I have done differently? More off centre composition for the kitchen window

List pro’s and cons of strengths and weaknesses: Inside toilet made a good natural frame loaded with meaning. Check composition.
What does it all mean?
Identify new key questions? Are people required in a photo in direct relationship to a human narrative or do those objects speak on their behalf?
Is text needed when a picture can ‘say a thousand words?’
New things to try? Juxtaposing images with different texts and fonts

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