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December 1, 2006

Abstracts brought over from old site

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(working title) Provoking banality: an art exploration of interiority, text, public/private, and everyday narrative

This art project explores the personal public/private narrative concerning the banality of everyday rituals that expose core beliefs, values and ideas absorbed and taken for granted within social culture.

By phenomenological inquiry, I will record and document the ordinary methods and conversations people use to comprehend the social world, giving it reality and concreteness.

Findings will be analysed and constructed to create provocative artworks in which the viewer may identify with their own sense of being in the world.

This constitutes a research project resulting in an installation of artwork accompanied by a 5000 word exegesis. (80/20%)

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(working title) Performance Exists in the Mind of the Viewer: an art exploration of the inner monologue

This art project explores the phenomena of the inner monologue drawn from experience and created in an imagined response to the rooms in a domestic house by way of interview with participants. Through a Phenomenological stance and reflexive studio practice, I wish to look at the perception, interpretation and textual translation of the phenomenal exchange between percieved object and subject in a way that illuminates previous experience, and thus creating a performance that exists in the mind of the viewer.

When I write thoughts/mental acts of a viewed phenomena (artwork) on walls within an empty space/house, they may trigger memories in the one observing them, causing them to reenact their own memories of similar events according to their own lived-experience – yet they are without physical object to achieve the above. It is not objects but text that represents the object or experience in a room that is absent of it.

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(Title still under construction)
I am exploring the voices of everyday inner speech and thought in text-based works that involve matters of the public and private. A world unseen that feeds and builds the character and actions of people based on prior experience.

‘Your experience of me is invisible to me and my experience of you is invisible to you. I cannot experience your experience. You cannot experience my experience. We are both invisible men. All men are invisible to one another. Experience is man’s invisibility to man.’ (qtd. Palmer, 2002, p2)

I’m continually curious about the evidence or residue of intangible matter, of the energy of what once was, is rebuilt and then lost again – and the constant energy of thought into self observation and behaviour.

In drawing parallels with the intangibility of thought and inner speech, I wish to explore installation and performance in ways that challenges traditional methods of painting, what happens to it’s energy when broken down, and thus the experience or the essence that is painting or a piece of art. In a reflective practice using a variety of methods recorded by camera, video and workbook, I aim to constantly build and break down the experience and performance of painting using a series of collected inner monologues from participants.

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(Title still under construction)

Sparked by the discovery of a grocery docket that later incriminated its purchaser in a crime,

I am interested in exploring matters of public/private documents and everyday text involved with the seemingly mundane.

A narrative linked by its viewer with assumptions in lifestyle or character of the purchasers’ origin. Tangible culminations of secret desires, hopes, behaviours and unconscious thoughts that lead to the purchases made – objects that once taken home are absorbed into it’s surroundings, losing their individual identity and are used to become a part of that person. Interpretation depends on the viewers’ own desires and values.

I wish to use installation involving the inclusion of different materials, so that ordinary text takes on new meaning when compared or put in a new location or with contrasting media.

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