Public/Private Interventions

November 8, 2006

Kathleen Herbert – Public/Private

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Given pic does not describe work talked about … I dare say this pic ‘Heimlich/unheimlic’ represents aspects in body image that we are familiar with and yet at the same time uncomfortable with, such as aging

• Distributes postcards about Too Close For Comfort … a straight jacket made from wire words – pics show a woman enclosed and constrained by the ferment, laced with roses as if from a childhood fairytale
• Postcards distributed via women’s magazines … Herbert slipped them into them in shops .. so that the readers would discover them and try to make sense of them
• BODY – TEXT – BODY … concept that the body is the site of text and creates our understanding of the corporeal
• She also does other artwork of wire construction around a tree limb – same association with the body, gripping actions of words on tree like tendrils of memory, wrapping and reaching, strangling the tree with it’s own history as much as the straight jacket does to the body
• Clothing and identity – uses video projections
• The machinist – their signature, logo, designer labels etc (individuality/machine produced)
• The machine uses the implied language of craft to create a man-made product
• Her work features absence, longing and melancholy

My interests in this work:
• Image distribution to get to the reader via postcard
• Useof language and text via logo and signature
• Artist/machinist .. man-made/machine

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